Wine cellar

Our winery offers visitors exclusive programmes to wine lovers and wine experts alike, as well as groups who are simply looking for a new experience. The visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable trip around the Wunderlich Winery, tasting wines and visiting the cellar.

What can we expect from a visit to the Wunderlich wine cellar?
Visitors can visit the uniquely sized and styled Wunderlich Winery by appointment. You can personally see how the coexistence of the traditionally built fermenting cellar with the high level fermenting and processing technology.

Visitors can explore the smells, colours and tastes of Wunderlich wines, which are already known to many. You can see special wines in the bottle-fermenting cellar that will only hit the market three to four years from now.

Guests will experience prize-winning wines, a good atmosphere and lots of new sensations. To get an appointment or quote please go to: Contact

Wine lovers receive an introduction to the wine making process at the Wunderlich Winery through wine tasting ceremonies and cellar visits.
They can obtain an insight into the everyday life of the unique winery, both in terms of style and its potential, into the successful combination of traditional and 21st century technologies.

Our expert sommelier helps visitors to become immersed in the enjoyment of Wunderlich wines within this  unique atmosphere and enormous winery.

When did it open?
The Wunderlich View Cellar and Wine Safe opened to the public in September 2006 with a clear aim of welcoming wine lovers. With its unique architectural and functional solutions it aims to emphasise high quality wine culture, and the lifestyle that goes with it. We want good wine to meet good people in a pleasant environment.

The Wunderlich Wine Safe is a 550sqm cellar that is completely insulated from damp, and with a storage capacity of 80,000 bottles. There are 160 pieces of four-part safes that are available in 1/1, ½ and 1/4 sizes..




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