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The Villány-Siklós wine-growing area is situated in Hungary's mountainous southernmost region: the plateaus and slopes of the Villány mountains.

Villány is the most southern located wine region of Hungary acquiring its rank by the excellent red wines that have been made here for centuries. The wonderful environment, the Mediterranean climate, the diligence, expertise and hospitality of local people; also the high quality expectations towards wine made the red wine of Villány worthily famous nationwide and also internationally.

Due to its location Villány Mountains is an ideal place to grow wine. Its East-West position protects the vineyards from nourthern winds, moreover, the southern slopes have a unique microclimate. The number of sunny hours a year is the highest here, in Southern-Baranya in the country.

Besides weather conditions, soil also plays a determinig role in the development of characteristic features, bouquet and flavours, and extract content of wines.

The legal regulations on the individual wines of protected origin in the wine producing region sets very strict requirements for the wines of Villány. The symbol of protected origin is the autumn crocus, the first Hungarian protected flower, growing only on Szársomlyó Mountain in Villány, Hungary.

Villány is a perfect example of the dual representation of past and present, tradition and innovation.

Guests can visit familiar, old, nostalgic wine cellars, and at the same time modern wineries meeting XXI century reuqirements.

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